About Our Partners

Human Performance Engineering

HPE is an innovative and luxury range of athletic apparel that combines stylish designs, performance tailoring and total comfort with advanced yarn technology – engineered to increase performance and withstand the demands of intensive training. All garments feature FRESHFIT® technology with silver ions and moisture management systems, designed to resist bacterial build-up, engineered to keep you feeling fresh and healthy.


Biona is a brand created by Windmill Organics Ltd, a company committed to providing high quality organic food for everyone to share and enjoy.
Our ethical organic brands, bring you all that’s best in organic grocery products.

Codage Paris

Creators of beauty formulas.
Their expertise, inherited from the traditional French pharmacy,
is based on solving individual beauty issues, having a perfect knowledge of their active ingredients’properties and being precise with their dosage.
From this subtle alliance of knowledge and understanding flows forth a range of high-performance serums.
Their compositions best adapted to the skin’s requirements.