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The body mass index (BMI), or Quetelet index, is a measure of relative size based on the mass and height of an individual. Knowing your BMI is important and you can calculate it here.

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More about me

Paris-born Amelie Khellaf has enjoyed a successful international career in PR and marketing before choosing London as her base. Her passion for fitness and nutrition started in her early teens when practising karate was part of her daily routine. The discipline acquired with that sport has led to a complete dedication to personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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Nutrition Advice

Food is the body’s fuel and the key component of a healthy lifestyle. A qualified nutritionist and real food lover, Amelie’s approach is gimmick free. Exercise and healthy nutrition amplify each other and her method is based on three pillars: Declutter, Fight and Preserve. Each individual‘s behaviour towards food is personal and so is the way we design any eating plans.


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